September 28, 2010 Webb Worldwide No Comments

Today was a very exciting day!! I got the chance to actually see patients, instead of the typical 12-16 hour day spent studying in the library. The HOYA Clinic is a student-driven free clinic located in the old D.C. General Hospital Building in Southeast Washington, D.C.  It is managed by medical students of the Georgetown University School of Medicine and caters to the health needs of D.C.’s homeless and uninsured.

The only catch is that we didnt actually get to see any patients. lol. We had a mother come in with her 1 year old daughter who had a strange rash on her face alas we couldnt see her because we didnt have a Pediatrician on site.

We did get to learn how to take a H&P and vitals (which I already knew) from a 4th year who graciously shared his expertise.

I also recieved some of the best advice since starting this year from a 4th year. He basically told me to not study (per se) for tests but when you study, prepare for the boards instead. Essentially meaning that your board scores are more important than your grades.

Written by Webb