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On the way to the ER to save some lives...Well not really, jst follow this doctor around and ask a lot of

Today, I took a break from studying and strolled over to Georgetown ER to hopefully see some sick patients and try to put what we were learning in the classroom into a clinical setting picture.

Within the first 30 mins of working, I saw a patient with a rotator cuff injury and another one with Sicke Cell Anemia.

I spent some time talking to the parent of the sickle cell anemia patient and made sure to check on her frequently. I always try to speak to all of my patients but especially my black patients, jst as a way to say that I am no different from them and that I am not conceited as some people get when they become doctors. I think it is very important to always remember your roots and where you came from. Thats a promise that I will make. I will always be the same down to earth, friendly, approachable Antonio:)
Money, prestige and success will NOT change me.

I then noticed that she had been in the ED for quite a while and asked her was she hungry. She replied yes so I offered to walk her to the cafeteria. I was not only being nice by doing this but what she didnt know was that I had a trick up my sleeve. The whole trip, I drilled her with questions due to my inquisitive nature about her sons disease so I could learn more about it firsthand. lol. I found out that her son was the only child affected with SCA (autosomal recessive disease). She told me that during changes in weather, he tends to sickle, that he has to stay hydrated (to avoid a sickeling crisis) and that he takes hydroxyurea (converts adult hemoglobin (HGB-A) to fetal hemogoblin (HGB-F) which has a lower affinity for 2,3 Biphosphoglycerate and therefore higher affinity for oxygen).

All in all, I learned a lot today and most importantly it reinforced the concepts that we are learning in the classroom and I look forward to doing it again!!

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