November 10, 2010 Webb Worldwide No Comments

Today, I gave a speech to about 30 High school students from Senecca Valley High School. They came to the campus to get a tour and learn about medical school/college life.

Here is an excerpt from my speech. I compared the transition from High school to Medical School using sports.

High School- I told them that Highschool was like playing on a varsity basketball team. A lot of people are good, some people are not so good but in all, you have some talented players and some people who just don’t belong on the team. lol
Compare this to High school academics–It’s not really that hard. You basically show up, study a little bit and then move on to college.

College- I told them in college basketball, players are usually bigger, quicker and are stronger. Compare this to academics, students in college are usually smarter, classes are more intense and a lot more work and studying is required.

Medical School– I told them medical school is like the NBA. Everyone is quick, bigger and are professionals at what they do.
Compare this to academics and everyone in your class is intelligent and bright, there is a lot more work
(I really do mean a lot–31 hours/semester compared to 12 hours/semester in college) and it is very challenging.

I hope I nailed home the point and motivated them to study harder and work towards whatever goals they have.

I love mentoring youth and look forward to doing it more!!

Written by Webb