February 26, 2011 Webb Worldwide No Comments

I recently had the opportunity to get involved in an annual event here at Georgetown called St. Baldricks. It essentially is an event where individuals from Georgetown and the surrounding community of DC come together to raise money for childhood cancer. I was approached and asked to be the Recruiting and Publicity Coordinator for the event. I quickly accepted the offer and pledged to do it in honor of Jonathan. During this pledge and time leading to the event, individuals (including myself) will be growing our hair out and will shave them in honor of children receiving medical treatment and chemo here at Georgetown University Hospital.

Please keep me in your prayers and if you would like to make a donation, the site and my email is below.

Thank you and God Bless!!

Site: http://www.stbaldricks.org/events/mypage/eventid/3935/eventyear/2011

Email: ajw54@georgetown.edu

Written by Webb