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RAISE THE ROOF FUNDRAISER UPDATE as of August 30, 2014!!!!

Family and Friends: We still need your help. You can help by donating, sharing this post and telling your friends about the Raise the Roof cause.

Tax deductible donation site can be found at:

Culpepper Christian Center (located in Seoul Korea) and I have raised $18348/$30000, over 50% towards our goal of $30K for Raising the Roof for our church in Haiti. Additional funding will go toward our medical missions trip in conjunction with Chabash International scheduled for 2015. Please continue to share this post to your pages and take a moment to read below and watch Haiti YouTube video posted at— Upon our recent roof assessment trip to Haiti, we identified that the church requires a bigger roof, a better support structure, and more materials. Therefore, our recent goal of 15K is not sufficient to cover the new expenses. To account for the increased costs, we extended the campaign six months (July 1- December 14) to accommodate for the added expenses. Based upon our findings and measurements from our trip, these are the factors why we chose to extend the Raise the Roof Campaign: size of the church is 80×26 feet which requires a bigger roof and building materials to emplace support beams to accommodating the roof’s dimensions. Church details: Raise the Roof for Mount of Olives Church, Inc.! Mount of Olives Church, Inc. is a church based organization and operating in Saint Louis du Nord, Haiti. The church provides religious services, support, and assists the surrounding community with its basic needs through financial support. Its sole mission and vision is to help develop devoted followers of Christ; to reach up, reach out, and reach in to the surrounding community, providing God’s love to His people and connecting the unbeliever to God. The church is undergoing construction and requires a strong roof to withstand the constant tropical storms and hurricanes that occur seasonally in Haiti. The budget for the church roof is now $30K which includes the purchase, shipping, labor and travel expenses for the materials.

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