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Why? Because you get a chance to make a difference in peoples lives everyday.

Here is just one example.

I did not assist in this surgery but I saw this young kid in clinic about a year ago after his surgery. He had a bone tumor, which was resected, and then a rotational plasty was done. Essentially dissecting out all of the important blood vessels, nerves and vital structures of his leg around the tumor and then rotate his leg 180 degrees backwards.

photo 2-1

His ankle will now be his knee and fitted for prosthesis which will create a functional, natural knee and his toe will provide important sensory feedback to his brain.

Helping a kid who would otherwise not have a chance to play sports, run with his friends and enjoy life to have a meaningful and comparable life to kids his age.

Talk about Overcoming the Odds!

Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 11.17.22 AM
An example of the prothesis

Note: the above dates, names, particular surgery of this patient may have been altered to protect the identity and abide by HIPPA regulations.

Written by Webb