October 3, 2014 Webb Worldwide No Comments

Sometimes I just sit back and become blown away by how God has blessed me and how he has placed me in situations (speaking events, tv, radio, author, physician) where I can touch so many peoples lives everyday. I get up from writing my book, sometimes after 4-5 straight hours of writing down what God has placed in my heart, and shake my head. I never would of imagined, as a kid growing up in the rough streets of Louisiana, that I would be doing some of the things I am doing today. I am very humbled, to say the least, and give thanks to God many times throughout the day.

They say the 2 greatest days are when you are born and when you find your purpose in life. I guess you can say then that I have experienced my 2 greatest days. I’ve realized that there is no greater feeling than finding your purpose in life. I was placed on this earth to motivate and inspire others. I am inspired to inspire. I get no greater joy than to watch a young kid eyes light up when I tell him/her, “You can become anything in life that you want.”

What is your purpose in life?

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