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I’ve spent the last 4-5 years putting together this book and excited to finally get it into your hands.

I hope that after becoming inspired from reading it (as I know you will), that you will share it will someone else.

Thanks for the support and God Bless!


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: A Knock on the Door
Chapter 3: Young and Ambitious
Chapter 4: What I Learned From McDonalds
Chapter 5: Family in Prison
Chapter 6: From Prisoner to Minister
Chapter 7: Don’t Quit Now

Chapter 8: Boot Camp
Chapter 9: Kaboom
Chapter 10: Balad, Iraq
Chapter 11: A Close Call
Chapter 12: Mass Casualty
Chapter 13: Difficult Transition
Chapter 14: Path to Success
Chapter 15: God Works in Mysterious Ways

Chapter 16: From Mortarville to Medical School
Chapter 17: Never Judge a Book by its Cover
Chapter 18: The Unexpected
Chapter 19: I’m Done
Chapter 20: The Hopeful Change
Chapter 21: Surgery in West Africa
Chapter 22: You have Cancer
Chapter 23: Ebola
Chapter 24: Grateful
Chapter 25: Be Different

Bonus: Dr. Webb’s Five Pearls for Success

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Written by Webb