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EBOLA Doctor Overcame The Odds
Iraq War Veteran Explains in Extraordinary New Book

fiverremptySAN ANTONIO, TX November 11, 2014 From working with patients in Ebola ravaged Liberia, to working as a medic just north of Baghdad, Iraq, in a combat zone dubbed as “Mortarville,” known for its frequency of mortar attacks, to growing up in the heart of Shreveport, Louisiana where he was constantly surrounded by influences of the very worst sort including a mother whose addition to crack cocaine made her a regular in the prison system and a younger brother who was sentenced to juvenile life for armed robbery, Antonio J. Webb, M.D. had to find it in himself to overcome what promised to be a very desolate future. Dr. Webb has spent his life faced with obstacles and overcoming what seemed like insurmountable odds. Now he has written a new book to inspire others to do the same called, Overcoming The Odds: From War on The Streets of Louisiana, To The War on Terrorism In Iraq, How I Successfully Overcame The Odds,” available for pre order on at:

According to the American Medical Association, less than four percent of practicing physicians are African American in the United States, so his odds against becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon was very low.

“I’ve had to overcome a lot of adversity over the years. I didn’t have positive role models, so I had to create one out of myself. I struggled, it’s really hard not having a strong support system or foundation when you’re growing up,” Dr. Webb said. “However, I’m grateful for the challenges I’ve faced because they made me the person who I am today,” he finished.

Today, Dr. Antonio Webb is completing his residency at the University of Texas, San Antonio with a specialization in Orthopedic Surgery. In his spare time, he mentors underprivileged high school and college students.

Overcoming the Odds is divided into three sections and each section speaks about the heartache and desperate challenges Dr. Webb was forced to overcome during his childhood, to his time in the military, and his eventual path to medical school. After each chapter, Webb gives advice and guidance on how to face life’s challenges head on. In addition, chapters “Ebola” and “Surgery in West Africa” speak on his experience as a physician treating patients in Liberia during the deadly Ebola outbreak.

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