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In physics, there is a term that describes the quantity of motion that an object has. If you are premed or already past that stage in your education, then you have seen the equation: P=mv where “p” represents momentum, “m” represents mass and, “v” represents velocity. In your pursuit to higher education, this very same equation can be applied. Along the way, one must understand that there will always be people who will doubt you, say you cant make it, distract you, and unfortunately hope for your downfall.

Think of “P” as your ultimate goal–obtaining matriculation into medical school or receiving your M.D., or being accepted into nursing school, PA or law school. What will determine how far you go and whether you succeed or not is what makes up this very formula. Going back to the equation, p=mv. “M” represents mass. In pursuit of your goals, this mass could be anything that is slowing you down from reaching your goals. This could be family members who don’t understand why you are studying so much or friends that constantly ask you to party when they know you have to study. Or that “needy” boyfriend or girlfriend that requires every minute of your time. And as you can see from the equation, the more mass that you are carrying, the less momentum you will have towards your goals. The other part of the equation is “V” for velocity. Think of it as trying to throw a baseball versus a bowling ball. A third grader can tell you that you can throw the baseball faster than a bowling ball and also it will go farther. No one wants to have to wait until they are 80 to reach their goals so velocity is just as important. Putting it all together, the less weight (stress, attention-needing partners, friends that are not understandable, distractions) you are carrying, the farther you will go and more momentum you will have towards your goals. Think!



Written by Antonio Webb, MD